African Grey Parrot Price

African Grey Parrot

People who’ve owned a dog or cat understand the challenges it brings in their lives, particularly pets with long hair, because their hair are all over the place, they get into your food and clothes. They are difficult to remove, and if you are allergic to that, then it become a huge problem to deal with. Therefore, you don’t like your pet’s hair all over your home, may be having an African Grey Parrot as pet would be a better idea. Just like dogs and cats, parrots also makes a wonderful pet because they are very intelligent and learn to live with humans pretty fast.

Like you train your dog to do different tricks on command, Parrots can also be trained like that. A well trained parrot can do wonderful activities such as riding cycles (small toy ones), they can learn your language, they can learn roller skate and can even jump with you on a trampoline, exciting isn’t it? All these things makes them an interesting pet to have at home. Generally people have large size parrots such as Macaw parrots, but they are difficult to maintain because their size. In that case African Grey Parrot can be a great option. They are quite popular as pets, because of they are friendly and easy to train. They are known to be the most smartest and intelligent parrot species because of their ability to learn and mimic what they see and hear. Sounds good, right? Well, if you are convinced bringing home an African grey home, then you should also know the price of this beautiful grey bird.

How Much Does An African Grey Parrot Cost?

Compared to other parrot species, price of African grey is bit on higher side. They are expensive because they numbers throughout the world is reducing at a rapid speed because of deforestation, global warning and illegal trafficking of wild-caught african parrots. The reason why they have such a huge popularity among people is because we have seen there ability to copy and mimic human speech, and they learn to pronounce words a lot faster than other species. They don’t know how to copy nuances of words we humans speak, but they also have the understanding of rising and falling intonations of those words they hear from us. African Grey Parrots’ this magical ability to learn and adapt takes their prices much higher than other birds.

Price of African Grey depend on different factors such as type, size, age, and breeder, but mainly it is based on its type. With types we mean the subspecies it belongs to. African grey parrots are of two types Congo and Timneh that comes from western and central african region. They are generally found in lowland regions of African rainforests. Although, both subspecies have similar traits, characteristics and capabilities but they have minor difference between them in terms of size and color of their wings and tail feathers. Both have grey feathers, but Timneh parrot’s feather has a bit more darker grey shade. However, in terms of ability to learn and speak human words they both are equal.

In size, Congo parrots have larger built body, wings and shoulders compared to Timneh. Generally, the Congo african parrots have a dark jet black beak, but Timneh parrots have a gradient of red and brown shades on its beak. Although not much of difference, but Congo is known to learn speaking words much faster than Timneh. All these small-small difference makes a huge difference in deciding price of both the subspecies of African Grey.

Generally you have to spend more money to buy a Congo African Grey Parro, because of it superiority in size to Timneh parrots. However, price is generally set by the sellers on their own terms, and if you opt for a Timneh it does not really mean that you are selling for lesser kind of parrot. Higher price of congo type is based mainly on its large size and skills to speak and least faster. These sellers set high price for congo parrots is because many pet owners like to have large parrot than a small one, therefore sellers have higher prices for them.

In the market if you buy it from a wild-caught African Grey Parrot seller (illegal) you may get it at $500-600 price, but if you prefer buying it from a reputed breeder (recommended) then you’ll have to pay around $700 to $1200. The reason why we recommend breeders is because you can get it trained by the breeder before you bring it home, particular if you have kids at home because an untrained African grey Parrot have the tendency to scratch and bite strangers.

Well, $700 for a parrot is way too much, isn’t it? You may say so, because if you go by the cost of owning a dog or cat, the overall lifetime cost is a less compared to owning a parrot. However, lifespan of a dog or cat is about 8-14 years, but a parrot could live for 60+ years, and that is 3-4 times more than a dog or cat. Therefore with a parrot you get a life companion for so many years, and it is almost as long as an average human life these days.

Also, to have parrot at home you’d need a cage. This an additional cost which can be as much as the parrot, but it’s only a one time expense and an imperative one. However, one aspect where you save money with African Grey Parrots is their diet. They eat less and their food is a cheaper compared to dog or cat food.


  1. James Faulkner says:

    $750 for a parrot? Woooofff! That’s a lot of money to say the least. I have friend who got a large size African grey parrot for $250, so sounds like he a got a nice deal there, right?

  2. Lorraine Thompson says:

    I have two Greys a male and female and I am madly in love with them. However,the female Parrot I find to be more daring and agile, but speaking a lot less, comparative to the male who mostly stays around the cage when I chose to let them out to fly around the apartment. I would also like to be able to mate them. Can you offer me some advise on how to locate a mating box.

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