Markers & Disadvantages of Pornography Addiction

It is certainly no secret that pornography addiction is becoming more prevalent in our society today. A growing number of people, both men and women, are increasingly attracting to pornography despite knowing its consequences. So, what is porn addiction? Why it is harmful? What are the disadvantages of this addiction? In this article we are going to answer all these questions and help you recognize markers and disadvantages of addiction to pornography.


What is Porn Addiction?

A subset of sex addiction, porn addiction is a phenomenon marked by an excessive and compulsive use of pornographic material, which proves difficult to stop despite negative consequences to one’s social, physical, or mental well-being. Repeated use of pornography is incredibly destructive for the physical and psychological health of a person, and it often worsens over time. But not all porn viewing patterns can be characterized as addictive. So, how can you recognise if you, your partner or someone you know is addicted to porno sucht? Well, you may consider the porn use addictive if you or your loved one has any or all of the markers mentioned below.


What are the Markers of Porn Addiction

An Increase in Pornography Use: Looking at porn once in a while or a couple of times a week may be quite normal, but watching sexually-themed graphics and video clips on daily basis is addictive. A person who previously looked at porn not very often and now consumes porn on daily basis would be classified as having addiction problem.


An Increase in the Intensity of Porn Viewing: Porn addiction is also defined by the intensity of the sexual activity of an individual. When a person’s cravings for porn become stronger, and his search progresses from standard porn to fetish porn to get himself aroused, then it’s an addiction. If a person spends increasing amounts of time searching for hardcore sexual material on the Internet and loses control over his inappropriate sexual behavior, then he is classified as obsessed about porn. Also, an addict doesn’t hesitate to spend an enormous amount of money to see more porn online.


Looking on Pornography Compulsively Despite Harmful Effects: Many people can’t resist themselves from watching sexually explicit material even though they know the negative consequences of their habit. They continue to watch porn even knowing the fact that their porn viewing obsession is affecting their daily life. Watching porn excessively and consistently interferes with one’s social, personal and professional life and that is when it can be called an addiction.


If you see any or all of the above mentioned markers in you or anyone else you know, then, we fear, you or they may have an addiction to pornography. If your porn-watching habit is preventing you to lead a healthy and normal life, then it’s a serious problem and it requires an immediate attention.



Pornography addiction can affect an addict both physically and psychologically.



  • Sexual dysfunctions, including erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation
  • Fatigue
  • Genital injury


  • Low self-esteem and lack of motivation
  • Intense feeling of shame and guilt
  • Depression, anxiety and agitated mood
  • Decreased sexual drive
  • Disinterest in real-world sexual activity in favor of porn

Another major negative effect of porn obsession is that it kills your social life. It keeps your brain preoccupied with sexual thoughts and fantasies all day long and as a result you start neglecting your family, partner and friends. Your intimacy with your lover or partner decreases and your relationship turns sour. Overall, porn addiction is so poisonous to relationships.


Generally speaking, porn addiction can be as devastating as a drug, alcohol or any other substance addiction. Although overcoming porn addiction, much like quitting any other addiction, is not easy, but there are things that can help you in breaking this harmful habit. If you are experiencing the same problem and looking for things to overcome your addiction then see the website listed below:


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